Soccer Ball Amigurumi Pattern [Free]

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a spectacular weekend. I know I did! I got to spend some much needed time with friends. While I as away from home though, I had a challenge pop up on my Crafty Amino app for the weekend: A Monochromatic Challenge. Normally, I don’t get inspired by the challenges they present, or I feel like I have too much to do to think up something else for the challenge. This time that was NOT the case! I had first thought to do a zebra, but that was so obvious, it hurt! Then I was like, what about a soccer ball amigurumi!?

Soccer Ball Amigurumi Pattern - Pinterest

I love soccer (or football/futbol in most other countries), and I use to play soccer in high school. I’d probably still be playing and/or coaching now if I had stayed in shape (getting back in shape is on the long term goals list). So I figured it would be an appropriate use of my time this weekend to create a soccer ball amigurumi for myself.

While I searched online for a pattern to use, but none of the ones I found really made sense to me. They seemed unnecessarily harder than they needed to be just to get one piece done, let alone all 32!

I also decided to share the pattern with my favorite peeps! *Psst! That’s you!* So below is the pattern. The pattern itself is quite small, the real undertaking is the sewing all the pieces together. Originally, I grabbed a layout image online to use in order to sew the ball together correctly, but I’m going to give you something that’s a little easier to deal with below.

Because I was away from the house I didn’t get any real work in progress pictures. (I’ll probably edit later once I have some time to do it again – this probably took a good 4-5 hours this weekend)

Materials & Tools

For the yarn mentioned below, I used Ella Rae Cozy Soft Solids, but feel free to use whatever you want.

  • Worsted Weight Black Yarn
  • Worsted Weight White Yarn – _ yards
  • E (3.50mm) crochet hook (smaller would be good too, depending on how tight you crochet)
  • Polyfil
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle
  • panty hose (optional)

The panty hose are used for keeping the stuffing from coming out of any holes between stitches. I had found some old grey tights that I’ll never wear again, and had heard of this trick on Pinterest, but I had never tried it. It works! Though I will probably try for some cheep nude or white ones next time.

Gauge & Size

There is no real gauge for this pattern,though my individual pieces were each about 1.25-1.5 inches wide, and the ball itself is 4.5 inches in diameter and 13.5 inches in circumference. Do what you want with this pattern to make it any size you want – I’ll have tips below to increase the size of the pieces if you want.

Difficulty Level

This is a beginner amigurumi pattern. You must know how to do a single crochet stitch. Increasing and decreasing are explained below. I would usually put something with this many pieces in the intermediate level, but because it’s the same pieces over and over again, and it will give you good practice sewing stuff together.


These are the abbreviations you will see in the Great Ball amigurumi pattern below:

  • MR – Magic Ring (ex. MR6 means make 6 single crochet in the magic ring)
  • st – stitch
  • SC – Single Crochet Stitch
  • Inc – Increase (see below)
  • F/O – Fasten Off

Stitch Guide

For those of you that are new to creating amigurumi, here are the definitions you may need.

  • Magic Ring (MR) – This is how most amigurumi patterns start. Here is a video (left-handed / right-handed) showing how to create a magic ring. If you can’t quite get the hang of it, don’t worry, you can always chain 2 then stitch the number of stitches inside the slip stitch you used to start.
  • Increase (Inc) – Crochet 2 SC in the next stitch.

Soccer Ball Amigurumi Pattern

I’ve created this nifty infographic to show everyone how to make the soccer ball (below is the written pattern).

Soccer Ball Amigurumi Pattern Infographic

So for those of you that want to get the pattern in text form. Here are the sections:

Pentagons (make 12)

R1: MR 5 (5)
R2: INC in each st around (10)
R3: [SC in next st, INC in next st] around (15)
R4: [SC in next 2 sts, 3SC in next st] around (25)

Hexagon (make 20)

R1: MR 6 (6)
R2: INC in each st around (12)
R3: [SC in next st, INC in next st] around (18)
R4: [SC in next 2 sts, 3SC in next st] around (30)

Finishing the Pattern

You can take time to weave in all the outer ends, but I did not. I did, however, cut the tails off from the middle of the starting MRs. That way I didn’t have to fight with those getting caught. For the hexagon tails, I ended up just sewing those down as I was sewing the pieces together, then cutting the excess as I worked. Depending on which color your going to use to stitch together, you can use those outer tails for most of it. When you run out, you can use a spare piece of yarn and continue. Just sew the tail down as you go.

Here is the image I used to lay out and sew together all the pieces. It has been labeled in the infographic above. This image is not my own, but I could not find the exact source, as a google search didn’t come up with any actual website.

Soccer Ball Layout Template

As you finish sewing all the pieces into the sphere, leave 2 seams unsewn so you can stuff the ball – make sure to stuff firmly! I used the toe of my old tights (as mentioned above) to keep the stuffing inside the ball, though that is optional. You can tie it shut, but it’s not going to be rolling around in there, so twisting and tucking it in should be fine if you have enough extra nylon to cover it all.

And there you have it! A soccer ball everyone can play with!

Soccer Ball Pattern - Finished


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