New Years Resolutions 2016 – Let’s get it started!

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Happy New Year! I decided to get this year started off on the right foot by creating some resolutions for this blog and post them here. I want to put them out there for you to know what to expect from this blog. I also wanted to hold myself accountable for what I plan on doing with Geeky Sagittarius (because I find myself getting distracted by ‘squirrels’, video games, and other ‘shiny’ stuff).

New Years Resolutions from Geeky Sagittarius - 2016 Fireworks

So here goes! My list of resolutions and promises to you all:

  1. Posting 2-3 times a week. – I have a busy schedule outside of this blog, but I’m working out a schedule and time management skills that will allow me to put the time into this blog that I need to.
  2. Answer any and all comments within 48 hours. – Any comments that are made will be looked at and replied to as needed within 48 hours. My goal is to check comments once a day, but there are sometimes things that get in the way (like family emergencies, events, and holidays), so I think 48 hours will cover most of that.
  3. Answer EVERY email within 48-72 hours. – Want to ask me a question? Have a private comment or suggestion for me or my blog? Email me using my contact form here. I will respond to that within 48-72 hours. I will shoot for answering everything within 24 hours; however, I have worked in email technical support and customer service before, and realize that a 24 hour turnaround time for emails when there is only me responding is just a little insane. That being said, I want to reserve the right to take weekends off when needed. 😉
  4. Patterns and Tutorials galore! – I’ve got a hefty list of patterns scheduled for this year. A majority of them will be free, and the rest will be at a very low cost to you (through my site and/or Etsy, I’m not sure if I will be using both or not).
  5. NO SPAM. – Let’s face it, we all get WAY too many emails already. When you sign up for my newsletter (coming soon!) I will let you choose what emails you get from me. You will only get the emails that you want. Isn’t that the way it should be?

There you have it! Please bear with me as I grow. And if you notice I’m not following through on any of these things above, send me an email and call me out on it! 😉 I might need the encouragement.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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