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Hello my fellow geeks! Liz, the Geeky Sagittarius, here! (Yes! You are in the right place – just in case you had any doubts.)

Just a bit about myself…

My mom had originally taught me how to crochet when I was in… High school? After a few months, I got bored making chevrons and granny squares. That being said, I don’t really count that as crocheting for X number of years. So, here’s the real scoop.

I’ve been crocheting since January 2015 (one full year at the time this blog was created.) I know that doesn’t really sound like much experience, but by February of the same year, I had already created my own amigurumi pattern (softies to some of you others out there), and had plans for an entire line of cosplay dolls and clothes (don’t worry, that has not been abandoned! More about that later.)

Cosplay Doll Prototype

Since then I have come up with many of my own patterns, and have made tons of other stuff I have found online, thanks to Ravelry and Pinterest (my two favorite sites ever!). Some of those will be posted on my blog in due time, if they have not already been posted. Others are still in the process of being perfected and tested so you can enjoy them too!

Now, Let’s rewind the clock a bit

I married my fantastic husband in 2005. We had out first child, L, in 2006, and due to our weird financial situation (and mom’s declining health), we were still living with our mom when he was born. We finally moved out in 2008, cramming the stuff from almost a full 4 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment with no storage unit. As you are well aware, this math just doesn’t work.

During this time, I was in and out of a couple of jobs (security and night shift stocking), not able to find a career I could call my own, despite my almost 8 years of college (more on that below). I didn’t really know what was going on with me and my unhappiness at work (wherever I was) at the time. Turns out I was just not suited to working for a low wage building someone else’s dream (again, more on that in a bit).

I had my second child, A, in 2009 and we moved down stairs to the 2 bedroom apartment with a nice laundry room and 3 times the space as the 1 bedroom upstairs. Because I still hadn’t cleared out all of our junk, we ended up using the second bedroom as storage. My now-3-year-old (L, try and keep up!) was sleeping in bed with us, while my infant was in the crib in our room.

A year later (2010), we moved again, into a 2 bedroom, rent-controlled house, that is quite possibly smaller than the apartment. I had a call center job at the time, which gave me a great distain for talking on the phone. Those that know me, know I prefer to text… even long conversations. Email is even better, because then I feel I can wait to read it when I’m good and ready.

I lost my job during the first winter I was at the call center because I had to call in for snow. We were seriously snowed in for a whole week, even after others around us could get out. Because I worked so far away and, at the time, knew no one near us that worked at the call center, I couldn’t get a ride.

After that, I finally found a job as a convenient store manager, which I held for ALMOST a year before I suddenly lost my baby sitter, and realized I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I went through a horrible depression for about a year after quitting that job while I was trying to search for another. I tried several online things, but none of them seemed to work for me. I had a dream of a blog, but, because of the depression, I didn’t feel like I could do it.

I finally found a job as a virtual assistant to a web designer in 2014. We got along great and the pay was awesome. I worked part time, but was making as much money as I had been working my butt off at the convenient store. The best part was that I could pretty much make my own hours. If I needed to run errands on Monday at 10AM I could do that. If I got up and decided to go back to bed after the kids were off to school, I could do that too.

It was only while I was working from home that I realized I was largely unemployable, and I had one specific thing I wanted to do: MAKE THINGS.

The Sewing Shop

Now… before I continue, I need to jump back in time a little bit. Rewind to 2006 when I was very pregnant with L. My mom and I had a friend with a sewing shop. Mom signed us up for the very first class they ever taught. It was also right up the street from where we currently lived, but mom STILL dragged me there kicking and screaming. I didn’t want to go, mostly because I was depressed after losing my secretary job at the hospital.

After the first class, I was raving about it! I couldn’t WAIT to go back and do more! You know… that should have been my first clue. I should have realized right then that was what I wanted to do, but I didn’t. Not then.

I did, however, end up working a few hours a week at the shop, doing simple alterations. This didn’t last long though, and I can’t even remember why now.

Back to the Future

Fast forward again! (Sorry! I’m really a time-lord 😉 ) The year is 2014 and I’m visiting my friends at the sewing shop in their new location (after they started and ended a fabric store – but that’s a story for a different time) during the summer. One of them told me about the other wanting to retire, and she was not quite able to fill the spot. I considered it, but the commute was just too much for my budget. Again, I should have seen this as an opportunity, but at the time, all I could see was me messing it up and crashing and burning (this is what depression does to you!).

I did a lot of soul searching, crying, and kicking myself in 2014. By November, I finally came to the realization that I wanted to MAKE THINGS (see, it’s all coming together now). Now that I was making money of some kind, I could afford to put it into the gas to get to and from the sewing shop (it’s still a 45 minute drive).

I started working there (and got my keys!) on my birthday, December 4th, in 2014. I’ve now been at the shop for over a year and things couldn’t be better! I’m incredibly happy having that creative outlet for work, and I get to make some very awesome custom work for some very cool people!

Back to Crochet

What does all of this have to do with me having a crochet blog? If I’m so happy at work, why did I start Geeky Sagittarius?

Crochet is that ‘thing’ that I get to do at home in my free time. After a few months at the crochet shop, I decided I needed my own sewing machine there, so I took it to work. I didn’t have enough space at home to work anyway, so it was doing no good taking up space in my house. I was learning crochet techniques quickly, and I soon had a few orders for things that I had made and posted on social media.

I had also started a couple of blogs about various things I was interested in, but I didn’t seem to be able to commit to writing, or find enough things I really wanted to talk about on the subject. Crochet was different. I was making pattern after pattern and enjoying it! I spent a lot of time on my personal Pinterest account pinning all sorts of crochet ideas and projects to work on. When I discovered Ravelry, it got even worse. I have more projects in my queue then I could EVER complete!

I knew then that this was a passion, not just a hobby. That’s when I knew I could write about it all day long and not get bored! While I cant work on it all day long, I DO have the flexibility in my work schedule most of the year to be able to do the work I need to do for the blog. Working at the shop has also boosted my confidence, and (for the most part) gotten rid of my depression, which has helped with my motivation and commitment issues in starting blogs.

Why “Geeky Sagittarius”?

To tell you the truth, it just rolled off the tongue one day and I fell in love. I’m not like most bloggers that suggest making a huge list of blog names and think about them. If I did that, I’d NEVER make a decision!

I think the reason this name came to mind was because I kind of wanted to do something that represented me as I am, and I’m about as Sagittarius as you can get! Geeky? Well, I’m a total geek. I game, I anime, I manga, – yes those are verbs 😉 – I binge watch Doctor Who until 3 AM even though I’ve already seen all the episodes and KNOW I have to get up at 5 AM. While that’s not exactly the definition of the word “Geek” in it’s entirety, I figured I could ‘geek’ with the best of them (also a verb!).

Why Are Some of Your Patterns Paid?

I love a great free pattern like everyone else, but some patterns take a lot more time and effort to work them out properly than others do. Basically, if it takes me more than 5-6 hours to design the whole pattern and put it together, then I will charge for it to be compensated for my time. There is a reason I don’t just make these to sell. My time is limited and I would typically charge around $45 for an amigurumi that is less than 8″ tall, depending on the complexity. That is why I sell the patterns, because crochet is something that I feel almost everyone is able to learn to be able to create their own. I’m more than happy to share my patterns with the rest of the world.

That being said, I am looking for pattern testers! If you’d like to get in on testing some of my paid patterns early, and test them out for me so they can be approved before they go live, please let me know by using my contact form.