5 Reasons Why I Crochet

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Why I CrochetAs a self-employed mother of two kids, I have little time for extracurricular activities or hobbies in general. So people ask me, “why I crochet?” I crochet for a few different reasons, but first, I want to share how I actually started.

How I Started Crocheting

My mom first taught me how to crochet when I was in middle school (about 14 I think). She was into making baby blankets for friends and families out of granny squares, so I wanted to learn how to do the same. She taught me a little bit of the basics, and I was happy making granny squares for all of a couple of months. Being a little ADD, my attention span didn’t last long, and it was on to another crafty adventure for me.

I probably would have never gotten back into it later in life, because I found the making of a billion granny squares for one blanket, boring as anything. I didn’t really see any creative potential there. But just over a year ago , in August 2015, I got interested in making plushies out of felt and fleece.

While I really enjoyed it, I just didn’t have time or the materials to create the patterns required for such endeavors. In September of the same year, I stumbled across these things called Amigurumi (also called softies). I was fascinated! I had no idea with a basic stitch, I could make such amazing things with yarn.

I got a small kit with the basic tools I needed and a book to teach me how to crochet again, and was soon making my own patterns for Amigurumi. I dove down that rabbit hole with both feet, and have enjoyed it ever since.

5 Reasons Why I Crochet

  1. Relaxation – After doing everything around the house and sewing all day at work, It’s nice to be able to come home, recline on the couch and work on something with my hands. In 2014, I realized that I was hardwired to ‘make stuff’. While that sounds incredibly vague, I was made clear to me that I didn’t need to focus on one career or hobby. I could allow myself to be creative however I wanted!
  2. Easy and Space-Saving – When I became the partner at the sewing studio I work at, I decided to take my sewing machine to the shop and leave it there. This freed up space at home. Since I live in a small 2 bedroom home with 4 people (me, my patient husband, and my two very active young boys!), space is tight. Since I couldn’t sew, I found that I could still make things, sitting on the couch with a small box of yarn next to me. The rest of it is tucked away in a container under my bed.
  3. Forgiving – If you sew, you know that once you cut the fabric, you can’t make it bigger, or change it’s shape outside of its current shape. This causes me a little anxiety when I have only a limited budget or on-hand materials. With crochet, if I mess up, I can simply pull out the stitches to whatever point I want, then start crocheting again. No materials are lost. There are only a few rare circumstances where I can’t go back to change something. This seems to keep the anxiety down, and leaves me a little more free to create things on the fly.
  4. Fun – Like I mentioned above, I find making things, in general, relaxing and cathartic. This makes things more fun for me. Everything I see, I look for ways to make it out of yarn. The challenge makes it fun, and there are always new projects.
  5. Accomplishment – Some projects I am able to complete quickly. Unlike creating custom costume pieces at work, which take weeks or months, I can usually complete a crochet project in just a few hours or days. I see the results a little faster, which pushes me forward to complete larger, more complex pieces. Plus, I get to show off my work to you guys! Pretty cool, huh? 😉

Those are all the reasons why I crochet. Why do you crochet?

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